segunda-feira, 17 de abril de 2017

Liesbeth Barendse- Light and color in residency

"The last two weeks of April you will see me painting the landscape and village of Lobão da

Beira! I am Liesbeth Barendse, a Dutch painter of landscape and will investigate the

Portuguese light by painting. I am interested in the bond that exist between people and their

(native) soil too, so it may happen that I meet you in this weeks and paint a place that you


domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Christina Hedlund, from Sweden, to ARTErra (visual artist)

For the next 2 weeks, this artist will be working in residency.
 "My mayor means of expression is colour. 
At Arterra I hope to have my eyes refreshed with new sights and new colours. Listening to your language may bring another rhythm to my compositions. I will be working on paper, watercolour and acrylic. Using a bike for excursions. Looking forward to two weeks of open mindedness."